What is a honeymoon registry?

Honeyfund's popular honeymoon registry is a simple way for wedding couples to register for what they really want — a fantastic honeymoon!

Since 2006, hundreds of thousands of couples have chosen Honeyfund as their honeymoon registry.

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    Offline or online payments

Create honeymoon registries with style!

Our sharing tools ensure all your wedding guests know.

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Guests visit your page, choose a gift, and send the funds directly to you.

Online pay processing by WePay

Online pay processing by PayPal

Have guests contribute online or offline at your reception

781,150 couples have chosen a Honeyfund honeymoon registry

More questions? Good...we've got answers!

Honeyfund is totally free!

How? We ALWAYS offer NO FEE options including offline payments and gift cards from popular travel, dining and retail brands. With both of these options there's never a fee to you or your wedding guests!

In addition to the free options:

1. Make your page stand out with Honeyfund Elite, the most powerful design tool on the wedding registry market. Elite includes your choice of design templates, cover photos, photo slideshow and registry items, password protection, no ads, and more. Just $39.99.

2. Opt for online cash payments via our integrated credit card solution powered by WePay (US and Canada only), or via your own PayPal account.

What does Honeyfund REALLY cost compared to other sites?

Honeyfund is committed to 100% free options, so our users pay the lowest average fees in the industry!
Never any fees to givers.

Service Free Free + PayPal/WePay Honeymoon Wishes Traveler's Joy Newlywish Zola
Fee Offline Gifts &
Gift Cards - 0%
1.8% blended rate* 9.65% 5.9% + $0.99 2.65% 2.50%
Typical Fee for $2,000 $0 $37.00 $193.00 $135.22 $53.00 $50.00

*Typical $2,000 Honeyfund fees of 1.8% based on a blend of offline gifts, gift cards and cash contributions via PayPal/WePay

(2.8% + $0.30 USD). See international rates  here.

Remember, our NEW gift card items are always free! You can accept credit card payments with both free and upgraded Honeyfund accounts. Honeyfund couples who accept both offline and online payments pay average fees of just 1.8%! Guests never pay a fee.

* Applies to most US-to-US payments. Fees outside the US may vary. Click here for full fee info. Payments from outside your home country may incur an additional 1% cross-border fee.

Honeyfund can be used for any type of cash wedding gift! Raising money for a down payment? Registering for a "big ticket" item? Need funds for starting off? Do you have another savings goal? You can put anything you want on your Honeyfund!

Not having a wedding? Fundraising, crowdfunding and all-occasion cash gifts are available at our sister site, Plumfund.com.

Rest assured all personal info and gift money is safe and secure. Your money travels directly from gift givers to you, either offline or via your own WePay or PayPal account, so we don't handle money here at Honeyfund.

Honeyfund's secure servers keep your private info safe, and personal info is never sold, rented or shared.

Honeyfund has also been awarded an A+ grade by Better Business Bureau's Online Reliability program.

See what Real Couples have to say about their experience with Honeyfund.

With Honeyfund, you make your own travel arrangements and then receive monetary gifts from your guests to help you pay for the costs of travel.

You can now put gift cards from popular travel, dining and retail brands right on your Honeyfund registry! Any and all gift cards you receive incur 0% transaction fees to you and your guests.

Click here to add gift cards to your honeyfund.

Yes! In fact many couples have a Honeyfund in addition to a traditional registry or two. A house wares registry is nice for bridal shower gifts. And this way your guests have plenty of choices. You can even link your other registries to your Honeyfund page.

Here's the best thing about Honeyfund: All your gift payments come directly to you from your gift givers! We keep our service free by avoiding credit card processing fees. That means we never handle your money. Instead, your gift givers are instructed to pay you directly by cash or check. They can either mail you their payment or present it to you at a shower or at the wedding, along with their Honeyfund gift certificate.

If you prefer to receive credit card payments, we offer one low price via our secure payment partners, WePay and PayPal. See the next question for more information.

Honeyfund integrates with secure payment processors to enable credit card payment for your guests. Here's how it works:

  • Guests pay directly into your own WePay or PayPal account via Honeyfund.
  • You pay just 2.8% + $0.30*/transaction for online gifts (offline payments are always free!)
  • Each gift payment is immediately available to withdraw.
  • To withdraw, login to your own PayPal account. No withdrawal fees!

Setup your Payment Settings now. Honeyfund couples who accept both offline and online payments pay average fees of just 1.8%! Guests never pay a fee.

* Applies to most US-to-US payments. Fees outside the US may vary. Click here for full fee info. Payments from outside your home country may incur an additional 1% cross-border fee.

Most couples will need to pay off at least a portion of, if not all, their travel balance before they've receive all their Honeyfund gifts. We recommend you budget for your basic travel costs such as airfare and hotels as travel booking deadlines often occur 4-12 weeks before the wedding. As the gifts come in closer to the wedding, you will essentially reimburse yourselves for those costs. Some couples book their travel on a credit card that can be paid off close to or after the wedding.

You'll want to think about how many guests are attending that might be open to contributing to your honeymoon and do a rough estimate. Most likely people will surprise you with their generosity. Just make sure you get the word out by notifying guests of your Honeyfund. And most importantly, make sure you have backup plan in case you don't receive enough to cover the entire cost of your honeymoon.

Honeyfund makes it easy for wedding guests to purchase your gift. They simply select a gift from your Honeyfund web page, enter their name and e-mail address, and follow the simple payment instructions. They even receive a purchase confirmation e-mail along with a reminder to make payment if they haven't already.

While we think this process is pretty simple, we realize some people just aren't Internet savvy. We suggest these guests contribute money directly to you, or find someone else to make a Honeyfund purchase on their behalf. When you sign up, you'll designate a contact person (like a bridesmaid, groomsman or family member) who can answer guests' questions about how to contribute and offer assistance if needed.

Finally, it's never a bad idea to have a small traditional registry for those guests who prefer to shop in store.

Honeyfund was started with a vision: A free online honeymoon registry with no strings. So how do we do it? Honeyfund offers budget-friendly upgrade packages with features like registry design themes, gift item images, photos slideshows and more. Revenue from this program and minimal site advertising supports Honeyfund's free service. Sign Up Now to see the latest features and pricing.

Honeyfund was created by a real couple who wanted a honeymoon registry that didn't charge exorbitant fees. Learn more About Us.


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